The future is here. . . A quick behavioral test of Advanced Summon on a Model 3

I was able to meet with someone that has access to a beta version of the Advanced Summon Tesla feature. While I was with the beta tester, I was able to capture the behavior of a Tesla Model 3 on an empty parking lot.

While there were some glitches (what beta software doesn’t have them), I was very impressed with what I saw. The car went on multiple occasions, to different spots, as the commands were entered on the Tesla app.

It seems like by design, the feature is not meant to move a car from one parking spot to another. We could not get the car to park in a new location properly. However, it seems like it almost perfectly met the purpose of going from a parked location to its owner. By either using the “find me” feature, or by reaching a pin, dropped in the Tesla app map.

Check it on my YouTube channel.