Tips for First Time Tesla Owners

Read the manual:

Click here to load the Model 3 manual. The Model S and Model X are also available.

Please, read it. It’s the only fun car manual in the market and you will be glad you did.

It’s a car, but it will also give you a lot more than just transportation, so keep it looking good. I use Griots and Chemical Guys products, but use whatever you prefer. You will be glad to keep it looking like new.

Take your time to learn how to operate Autopilot. It’s really easy, but you will quickly learn it’s benefits as well as it’s limitations. Keep in mind one thing though… It is NOT full self driving so it will NOT stop at traffic red lights or stop signs (yet).

Follow the tire manufacturer recommendations and they will give you great service. Tire pressure is always important in all cars, but you don’t want to neglect the landing pads of your new spaceship ? Get familiar with how to properly rotate your tires.

Ask a current Tesla owner about charging at home or on the road. This will replace the visits to gas ⛽️ stations ? and will eliminate direct fuel fumes moving forward in your future. Do it correctly.

Get ready to ignore those that don’t understand or don’t want to understand that electric cars ARE better than gasoline cars. Especially Tesla. At the same time, get ready to join one of the most exciting communities. Membership is for a lifetime. And it will be great.

In cold climates, just use common sense. Tesla cars are at the very least as good as any other car, but definitely, better than most.

Take advantage of the the front storage for ALL food takeout. The food’s smell will NOT get inside the cabin.

If you have young children, turn on cabin overheat protection. You never know when it will save a precious little one’s life.

Use a referral code to take advantage of free supercharging. If you don’t have one, I can give you mine. It is rafael41049 you can load it automatically here

Oh, one more thing, you will effortlessly be able to beat most cars on the road at the traffic light. Don’t over do it. Be a safe driver.

Now, if I missed anything, please, ask away. I’m here to help.